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Crescent Moon Games has released Mines of Mars Zero on iOS.It's a free to play version of its Bronze Award-winning sci-fi mining platformer Mines of Mars. It's supported by ads and what Crescent Moon says are "non-invasive" IAPs.Crescent Moon started experimenting with the free to play model earlier this year with the Android versions of Mines of Mars and Neon Shadow.It didn't start off well at first as the studio completely replaced the premium versions with these free to play versions. This attracted a lot of negative reviews from players.A week later, due to the feedback, Crescent Moon brought back the premium versions and, instead, released separate free to play versions of its games.This is what the studio seems to be doing over on iOS now, starting with Mines of Mars Zero. Whether or not there will be more free to play versions of Crescent Moon's iOS games is yet to be seen.If you want to give it a go you can download Mines of Mars Zero for free on the App Store.The premium version of Mines of Mars is still available on the App Store for £3.99 / $4.99..

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